Eight Steps To Launch A DMM

  1. Be a disciple.
  2. Ask God to guide you to your first-generation disciple, where to start, etc. Listen to God.
  3. Go out. Find your disciple on the mission.
  4. Make a disciple. Grow your disciple.
  5. Help your disciple make a disciple.
  6. Work to the 4th generation.
  7. Function as a redemptive community.
  8. Provide coaching and apostolic leadership.

Disciple-making is God’s strategy to transform nations and the world. The church’s failure to give disciple-making its deserved attention has been the Achilles heel of the church’s mission.

May this new global development – closure of churches, control of churches, imposition of small group meetings, etc redirect the attention of God’s church to what she has largely left behind.



  • Further documentation and specific training on this are available.
  • This is gleaning from several training sessions and personal experiences.