1. Financial and other related supports for supporting missions and missionaries are raised by the ministry through:
    • Voluntary donations and gifts in cash or kind, by ‘Friends of Missions & Missionaries’ and other mission-minded friends of the Ministry, including regular donations for funding educational funding of specific missionary children
    • Proceeds from musical and literary products of the ministry
    • Voluntary financial donations and gifts in kind by churches, families and individuals
    • Sponsorship of the construction of places of worship and educational facilities by churches or individuals
    • Honoraria and similar gifts by churches and other Christian organizations following invitation to participate in certain programs, including worship services
  2. The ministry runs a Christian Worship Resource Program, which includes teaching, leading and / or participating in worship-related events such as seminars, symposia and workshops at various levels, including the local church, conferences and conventions.
  3. The ministry operates a Bible Club and other interesting, but soul-winning, events and activities for children, especially the less privileged in Lagos, Nigeria. Various spirit-filled Christian volunteers are engaged in the running of the program.