We grew up singing the song, “For this God is our God; forever and ever. He will be our guide from now even unto the end.” (Ps. 48:14) We have no doubt experienced the power of that song over the years. God has continued to prove Himself in our lives as we continue with that powerful declaration. … [More]

About Us

Praise of His Glory Ministry is a Not-for-Profit Christian organization. Ephesians 1:12 clearly states God’s expectation for every Christian – to be for the praise of His glory, through deeds and utterances. This ministry therefore came into existence as a result of the passion to bring true sacrifice … [More]


The ministry has four arms each designed for a specific purpose based on the visions of the founding members. Friends of Missions & Missionaries (FoMM) comprises of mission-minded professionals and other believers who send in donations periodically for the purpose of … [More]

Events & Activities

2021 Annual Prayer Rally for Missions & Missionaries (Virtual +)

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