Ministry Arms

The ministry has four main divisions each designed to meet the key mandates of the ministry vision.

Friends of Missions & Missionaries (FoMM)

Friends of Missions & Missionaries (FoMM) comprises of mission-minded professionals and other believers who partner with indigenous African missionaries through this ministry. Many of the missionaries gave up lucrative secular careers in order to serve in this calling. Many of them have abandoned the comfort of life and have taken to the unpalatable quality of life in their assigned areas of missionary activity, mainly poorly developed places.

The missionaries are daily confronted by challenges, ranging from persecution to lack of basic provisions. Consequently, the least we can do is to identify with them through prayer, financial support (or in kind), visitation and words of encouragement through periodic calls, among others.

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Christian Worship Resource

This is the program of the ministry that focuses on the practical teaching of scripture with the view to establishing sound scriptural basis for Christian worship, especially the concept of Praise & Worship. Every worshipper is involved in congregational worship, either actively or passively and a lot of emotion is exhibited in the process. Our worship can only be acceptable to God when we do it right. It is only right to worship God in spirit and in truth, and this has to be done based on a sound understanding of biblical principles rather than sheer emotionalism, just as Sinclair B. Ferguson rightly noted that “worship divorced from sound doctrine degenerates into superficial emotionalism.” This arm of the ministry exists as a tool that God is using for the purpose of helping the body of Christ to raise the bar of worship in this dispensation. Doors have been open for ministration in various churches, without denominational barrier.

For His Prayz

This is the musical arm of the ministry that engages in Christian musical events and the production of musical CDs. It comprises of Christian musicians from various denominational backgrounds who have volunteered to use their skills to bring glory to God. The proceeds received from the musical productions contribute to the pool of funds for supporting missions and missionaries. They currently have two albums in their kitty, titled “In Your Sanctuary” and “Marvelous”.

His Hands & Feet (HHF) Bible Club

This is the group of children workers that run the Bible Club for reaching young children through various interesting, but soul-winning events and activities. Many of the children that attend the club are less privileged. The fellowship provides an opportunity not only to lead the children to Christ and inculcate Christian values in them, but also give them the hope that they can be great in life, with Christ in their lives.