The year was 1991 and the place was the city of Lagos in Nigeria. The dramatic persona was a young university graduate who had just concluded the obligatory one-year National Youth Service in Nigeria. The event was a soliloquy.

I had just returned home from a normal Sunday worship service at my 500-member local church. As usual, it was all exhilarating but I was left ’empty’ and wondering, “Is this all there is to Christianity?”

At that stage in my life in my late twenties, I was teaching Sunday School, active in the Youth groups, leading a cell group, very committed to my local church. But I yearned for more. I was dissatisfied.

I resolved to pray and seek the Lord’s face. I decided to embark on a personal prayer and fasting retreat. On the first night of the retreat, the Lord spoke clearly to me, “You are meant to be a missionary. I’ll send you to places and peoples who have never heard…”

That was my Macedonia Call. Fast forward to today, 29 years later, I am still hearing Him. I am still obeying Him. I am still going where He leads and He is still taking me ‘to places and peoples who have not heard.

I serve as a privileged ambassador of Christ. Dissatisfaction was my marching order!


Bro Joses – East Africa