We grew up singing the song, “For this God is our God; forever and ever. He will be our guide from now even unto the end.” (Ps. 48:14) We have no doubt experienced the power of that song over the years. God has continued to prove Himself in our lives as we continue with that powerful declaration.


He kept us through the highs and lows of 2020 in spite of all the challenges because of His faithfulness to be our God and guide unto the end. He remembered us favorably, shielding us from being victims of the enemy’s ferocious attacks and establishing us as victors. All glory to Him indeed.


We are now in 2021. Hallelujah! We do not know what the New Year holds but we know the One who holds the year and the entire universe in the palm of His hand. He is the One that we have entrusted with our lives and know He is faithful to take us through with His gracious hand like He did for Ezra and the contingent of returnees from exile, to whom He assigned a great task that required a great backing – His Gracious Hand. The task ahead of us in 2021 may be great, as a ministry, as families and as individuals; but we should not fret because the gracious hand of our God is on us (Ezra 8:18). He will raise up the people who will join forces with us, favour us and be used by Him to establish us as victors in all ramifications of life.


Welcome to your season of God’s gracious hand.